Top Tips for using LinkedIn

Nov 4, 2022Digital Marketing

LinkedIn is one of those rare social media platforms that doesn’t feel like a social media platform. Yet thanks to this network of professionals and peer organizations, the benefits to your company can be incredible. Here are some top tips to take full advantage of everything LinkedIn has to offer:

Tell Your Story

Creating engaging content is always the bottom line of any social media platform, but with LinkedIn, you have the added advantage of having more text to play with. Not to mention, you’re in a community of your peers, which means each post matters. Don’t be afraid of getting down to the nitty-gritty — your peers are here to read what you have to say. So make it count!

There is still space for videos and photos, but people don’t mind reading long posts. Just make sure to stick to the point, use words that evoke emotions, and don’t forget to talk about the end result. Your professional network will actively be engaged with your content and, in turn, your cause.

Time It Right

When people log onto LinkedIn, they’re there for a multitude of reasons: to connect with a peer or organization they’re interested in, to read about a success story or inspirational anecdote, to find a job, or even to look for new recruits. In other words, they log in with the intention of staying connected.

However, since this is a professional network, consider the timing of when you want to post content or reach out to someone. For example, lunch is typically around 12 pm to 2 pm. People regularly check their social media during that time, so why not share an interesting (yet short) post for them to read? If a longer post is in the pipeline, why not share it around 5 pm, when most people are starting to commute home or wind down from work?

Timing your posts can be an interesting way to gauge who is interacting and when. The more strategic you become, the more informed you’ll be going forward.

Welcome All Comments

LinkedIn is a great platform for receiving and sharing comments among your network. When you comment on a post, it’s reshared on your news feed, encouraging others to comment as well. This can help build awareness of your organization’s brand or a cause you want to promote while increasing your reach among others who may not have heard of you, thanks to LinkedIn’s peer networking functions.

What’s more, when someone comments on your post, they’ll start automatically seeing your updates on their news feed. This has to do with LinkedIn’s algorithms which are purposefully intended to strengthen connections and interactions. Keep commenting and continuing conversations and more people will start to notice you.

Change It Up

Variety is the spice of life, and the same holds true for LinkedIn. If you truly want your audience to engage with your posts and comment, don’t be afraid to get creative!

Have a theme for a day of the week, such as a new video every Wednesday, or a new fun fact every Friday. And remember, just because your audience is more professional doesn’t mean you have to speak to them in a monotonous, dry, and humorless manner. In fact, the opposite is true. Posts that show personality, especially in a professional setting, show that you and your organization are genuine, and above all, human.

Even if people are on LinkedIn to connect with a peer, seeing a post that happens to make them smile will draw them to you. Engage them enough and often, and you’ve got yourself a new supporter.

For more tricks and tips like these, reach out to us at Redstart Creative. We love helping nonprofits and small businesses use social media, like LinkedIn, to their fullest potential!

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