Women’s Housing Coalition

After several years successfully working with Women’s Housing Coalition on their communications and graphic design needs, they asked Redstart Creative to help craft a social media presence. We happily accepted the challenge.

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  1. WHC needed a way to stand out in a crowded landscape of non-profit organizations vying for donor dollars and support.
  2. WHC wanted to build stronger relationships with their audience – a way to share up-to-date stories about the residents and specific needs. Social media is the perfect medium to create this dialogue
  3. WHC sought additional opportunities to develop their brand identity. A social media presence humanizes the organization in a way that a brochure cannot.


  1. We identified the categories of content we would share on WHC’s social media channels:
    1. stories of the women and children impacted by homelessness in Baltimore,
    2. actionable, timely requests of the volunteer and donor base,
    3. awareness posts about the effect homelessness has on a family, and
    4. behind- the-scenes looks of the people who work at WHC.
  2. We recommended the following social media channels based on WHC’s target audience: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the WHC blog.
  3. We also recommended establishing a monthly e-newsletter to connect with their audience.


Redstart proposed a Social Media Management package which included:

  1. Original content for two (2) Facebook and four (4) Instagram posts per week
  2. Hassle-free community management (scheduling, replying to comments if needed, etc.)
  3. Creation of graphics as needed
  4. Graphic template for the monthly e-newsletter
  5. Two (2) blog posts per month


Since taking over their social media management, Redstart Creative has helped Women’s Housing Coalition expand their reach and develop a more engaged audience. Since October 2016, our efforts have yielded these results:


  • 21%increase in page “Likes” from 393 to 476
  • 57% increase in post “Reach” from 1435 to 2249


  • 275% increase in followers, from 114 to 428
  • Monthly engagement at 561

These new and improved channels are allowing WHC to create a supportive network both online and in person with their staff, residents and volunteers.

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